Certified Water Star Certifier for residential and commercial properties.

​​FGBC Green Cetification Consultants

  • Personalized hands on throughout your entire certification process.
  • You will work directly with me not a helper who is not familiar with the process.
  • We have thoroughly veted any of our subcontractors for competency and trustworthyness to conduct process for energy, landscaping, Water Star.
  • I am a licensed contractor and have built homes. I know what you are going through and will be right there to aid you in the process.
  • I have been certifying homes for 10 years and am a member of the Home Standards Committee. I am more than competent in the process.I am familiar with all new products and can make recommendation based on need and cost.

Home Inspections

Licensed Home Inspector.

We inspect you potential home using the "Mike Holmes" method. Leave no stone unturned.

We use Infra Red cameras, CO3 testers, Radon testers and will inspect the attic and any crawl spaces.

We will provide you with the normal inspection plus an estimate of necessary repairs, future upgrades and Green Sustainability upgrades.